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Cheryl Hensley
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  • Email: chensleyrea@gmail.com

 I was brought up in the Ozark Mountains on a farm down a country road in a place most folks never heard of, nearly all our neighbors were also cousins.  Although Flag, Arkansas may not even be on the maps, Leslie, Marshall, Mountain View, and surrounding areas are home to me.  As a child, I ran the dirt roads, played in the woods, and waded the clear mountain streams. It was then the love of the land was instilled in me. I still love it today.  I often say Adam may have been raised from the dirt, but so was I.  We raised our own food, butchered chickens, and hogs.  We lived a simple life, and I know that simple things are the most important.

    I still live on a farm with my husband Larry.  We raise cattle, goats, sheep, and I have some chickens at home.  I also have one pet goat I raised on a bottle.  Her name is Esther and she thinks she's the boss of the dogs, chickens, and grandkids.  My husband also has a little junk store in town he runs part time. 

   I enjoy selling the land that I love, and have sold a lot of it.  If you are looking for a home in these mountains, whether it's farm, home, or hunting land I would love to help you.  Nothing matters more to me in a transaction than your satisfaction and happiness.  I would be honored to run these hills with you until we find your dream property. 

Cheryl Hensley

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Marshall, AR